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Maeva Drack

Who am I ?

Creative and sensitive to art since I was young, I have always been curious to try many techniques, whether it be oil painting, acrylics, inks, etc.

It took me a while to find my artistic style, and it was in 2017 that I fell in love with resin.

Still little used at that time in France, I try and I understand that it is a material both complicated to work and beautiful in the final rendering, it tends to intensify the colors, gives a lot of brightness. I like to play with the depth of pigments superimposed with resin.

By refining my working technique over the years, I can say that my signature is the combination of resin, semi-precious stones and pigments.

I am very inspired by my travels, the landscape that surrounds us, the sea, the oceans, but also astronomy which fascinates me enormously.


I am happy today to be able to transmit to my public the serenity and the appeasement through my works, because that is what it gets to me during the creation of these.

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Maeva Drack artiste peintre situé en Alsace qui présente son oeuvre Apollo 11.


2021 :  - Exposition au Carrousel du Louvres Paris

            - Exposition au Luxembourg au salon Art3F 

            - Exposition Mulhouse au salon Art3F

            - Exposition Belgique au salon Art3F

2022 :  - Exposition à Monaco au salon Art3F

            - Exposition au Luxembourg au salon Art3F 

            - Exposition Boutique Nuit étoilées à Obernai

            - Exposition Mulhouse au salon Art3F

            - Exposition salon ST-ART  Strasbourg

2023 :  - Exposition à l'Hôtel Citadines Eurométropole Strasbourg           

            - Live performance au Sofitel de Strasbourg

            - Exposition Sofitel de Strasbourg

            - Exposition Monaco au salon Art3F

            - Participation au gala La main du cœur Strasbourg

2024 :  - Exposition aux Thermes marins de Monte-Carlo Monaco            


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